Case Study - Radix Public School

Radix Public School

Radix Public School is founded with the motto of "Giving Quality Education with Fine Virtues". The school, located in a small town(Baraut) is an recognized,co-educational, senior secondary public school. Radix Public School is dedicated to serve students with the understanding that diversity of gender, physical or mental ability, culture, and background is a strength to be respected.


At a Glance


Gungakheri, Baraut

The Checklist:

  • ease of use
  • Ability to check pending fees and SMS notification
  • Complete Financial Accounting
  • Staff management & payroll
  • Complete attendance management
  • Virtual notice board

The Driving Factor:

Rich and easy to use interface, zero setup time

Favourite Capability:

AMC support and services

How things used to work

Radix Public School was maintaining their data regarding students and staff in a traditional manner. It was time consuming and uneconomical process. They were also lacking in maintaining their transport management, fee management, financial accounting etc.

System Automation challenge

That traditional process worked well enough when it was just small number of students but with Radix Public School's success things got messy and complicated. As its popularity range expanded and its students base doubled, and tripled, their administration team was barely able to hold it together.

Radix public School's fee management meant every time a student submitted the fee and wanted to know the status of the pending fee, their management had to check the previous records. So management wasted a lot of time just attending to queries like this which could be eliminated with the right tool.

The OAS.GO Experience

Radix Public School stumbled upon OAS.GO when they were trying out various automation software. However, it was not even an hour since they began using it that they realized OAS.GO was the software they had been looking for. The team was really impressed with how easy it was to use.

OAS.GO's student management saved every student's data in a centralized database and managed them in classes enrolled for. This database includes each and every detail required ranging from personal details to academic information.

OAS.GO's staff management saved the employee's information and managed their working schedules, attendance and leaves. It also provided a payroll module which is used for monthly salary generation.

OAS.GO's fee management saved the student fee information and managed their pending fee, and intimated via SMS to students.

OAS.GO's attendance management saved the student's attendance and managed their leaves and absents, and intimated via SMS to parents.

After the Implementation of OAS.GO at Radix Public School, the data is centrally stored and well-managed. It has also helped to automate the transport facility, finanacial accounting and fee management etc.


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