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Rise Academy

Rise Academy is a coaching institute which prepares students to excel in one of the toughest entrance exams like IIT-JEE. The course curriculum at Rise has been created, revamped and reorganized with the collective inputs of all the team members. The Course pedagogy is specifically tailored around the need of the student and the rapidly changing requirements of the IIT-JEE.


At a Glance


Kota, Rajasthan

The Checklist:

  • Well- managed and centralized stored data
  • Complete OMR Solution with 100% accuracy
  • Online attendance & time-table
  • Virtual notice board
  • ease of use

The Driving Factor:

Rich and easy to use user-interface, zero setup time

Favourite Capability:

Support and Services

How things used to work

Before OAS.GO, Rise used to process course and instructor evaluations in a timely and cost-effective manner. They had to manage the data of students and staff manually and its was very time consuming process. They were using traditional method for evaluating their test results and were achieving success with only 90% accuracy.

System Automation challenge

They needed a way to streamline their efforts and a more rapid turnaround of results so the team could improve their courses for next semester. Also, they needed a better way to manage and analyze student data to provide complete student satisfaction and to achieve consistent parent/student feedback.

The OAS.GO Experience

OAS.GO proved as a panacea in Rise Academy. OAS.GO equipped the organization with a complete solution that contains rich features and user friendly interface.

OAS.GO's student management saved every student's data in a centralized database and managed them in batches enrolled for. This database includes each and every detail required ranging from personal details to course information.

OAS.GO's staff management saved the employee's information and managed their working schedules, attendance and leaves. It also provided a payroll module which is used for monthly salary generation.

OAS.GO-OMR Module has an additional feature of evaluation of test answer sheet besides features like Test schedule, test analysis, individual student performance, attendance in test. It scans and then reads OMR answer sheet. It also generates results after reading all the answer sheets.

OAS.GO's attendance management automated the class time-table and student's attendance. It also generated monthly report. These details, further notices and circulars are communicated to students/parents via SMS.

After the Implementation of OAS.GO at Rise Academy, the data is centrally stored and well-managed. It has also helped in quicker and accurate evaluation of tests conducted.


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