• 100% accurate and delivers result with 100% accuracy even for tilted or skewed sheets, unlike other OMR Solutions where it is essential to maintain straight scanning of OMR Sheet. But, in case of OAS.GO - OMR Module, it automatically rotates and corrects tilted OMR sheets to deliver accurate results.

  • The accuracy of the results is not affected by thickness of the paper or color of OMR Sheet printing. The accuracy is also unaffected by the number of OMR sheets to be read.

  • The OMR Module has intelligent OMR Scanning mechanism which automatically adjusts OMR Reader parameter in case of different modes of OMR scanning in the same lot of OMR Sheets thus minimizing the case of rejections/Invalid Sheets to almost zero.

  • OAS.GO's OMR Module is implemented in various coaching institutes and schools that use the OMR technology in their tests/evaluations.


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